The Junior Department

The Infant Department

This caters for children aged five to seven years.

The aim is to provide a widely based liberal education that will establish sound learning habits, inspire confidence, develop personality and encourage wide interests.

The main emphasis is on Numeracy and Literacy, but Music, Religious Education, Drama, Art and Craft, Physical Education, Science, History, Geography and Information Technology are also taught. Homework is introduced from Class 1 on a regular basis in line with government advice.

At this early age the children all work well together and learn to co-operate with each other in a friendly, civilised way.



The Junior Department


This caters for children within the range of seven to 11 years of age.


The main emphasis continues to be on the ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken language, and to further develop mathematical skills, but the whole range of subjects introduced in the Infant Department is further developed.


French is introduced at this stage and study skills are developed.


Specialist coaching, particularly in verbal reasoning, is provided for those who wish to take the 11 Plus Examination.