All children who apply for a place at The Orchard School have to spend a minimum of two days with us in the Junior Department and a week in the Senior Department to ensure that they interact well with the class. During this time they will also complete an English and Maths assessment.


Children with special needs, like all children may be admitted to the school after consultation. If we can meet the needs of a child with physical disabilities on site, we welcome their full inclusion in school life.


We do not have the facilities to admit children with moderate or severe learning difficulties, personality disorders, or challenging behaviour.


All pupils at the school are placed in the appropriate subject and year groups consistent with their academic and social development.


Orchard School Admissions Policy


The usual admission procedure for a child to the Orchard School is as follows: 


  • An enquiry for a prospectus (all applications are recorded in a book which is kept in the General Office).

  • A visit to the school by the parents.

  • The child spends two days (Years 1-6) and a week (Years 7-11) in school.

  • Although there is no formal examination for entry to the school parents should supply (if possible):

    1.   Evidence of the child’s English, Maths and Science SAT’S results.

Year 6 children applying for entry into Year 7 will be given an English and Maths assessment to complete.

2. Exercise books from the child’s present school.

3. Copies of the last school report.


  • The child’s general behaviour and interaction with the children in the class should also be assessed.


    The results will be discussed with the Head Teacher.

    If there are any doubts about the child’s suitability for admission, the child’s current school will be contacted to find out more details about the child.


  • Parents make a formal application by completing a registration form and a payment of £150.00 (£100.00 will be deducted from the first term’s fees, once the child is admitted).


  • The decision is made whether or not to accept the child into the school.


  • There is a probationary period of six months for all pupils new to the school.  Any child who refuses to cooperate with staff, or is unable to cope in any way with the academic standard of work or does not interact socially with the children in the class may be asked to leave.



  •  If a class is full, parents can apply for their child to be put on a waiting list.  Once a place becomes available the parents will be notified.


Please note we do not have a Special Needs Department and we do not cater for children with a statement of Special Educational Needs. Children with dyslexia are usually accepted but we do not have specialist teaching.  The school does not cater for children with more severe learning or behavioural problems.