The curriculum is carefully planned to give all pupils a broad and balanced education. We aim to foster all pupils’ aspirations so they can go on to either Further or Higher Education or to equip them with skills and qualifications necessary for vocational training. Our results and records show we are very successful in these aims.

As children can stay at the school from five years to 16 years we can effectively monitor progression through all levels. Core subjects are taught throughout the school and the curriculum meets the statutory requirements. There are some additional subjects including German as a second Modern Foreign Language, Statistics and Careers in the senior school.

In Years 10/11 there is a broad and balanced curriculum and pupils take a good range of courses leading to GCSE qualifications. Currently we do not offer vocational subjects but this could develop in the future.

We offer a structured PDP programme to Years 7 – 11 which is sub-divided into Careers, Citizenship and PSHE. Pupils from Years 1 – 6 also have a PDP programme which incorporates PSHE and Citizenship.

All pupils in Year 10 have two week's work experience. Careers advice and guidance is given both within school and by external agencies (Futures). We also have close links with Sixth Form tutors in the areas where the pupils live.



The pupils are given the chance to study for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme and there are various extra-curricular activities both at lunch time and after school.