If you would like to read any of the school's policies listed below or a paper copy of one of the above policies please contact the School Office.


Policy List


Admissions Policy


Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy 


Assessment, Marking, Presentation of Work, Recording and Reporting Policy – currently being updated


Attendance Policy


Behaviour Policy


Child Sexual Exploitation Policy


Child Trafficking Policy


Children Missing Education Policy


Code of Conduct


Communication with Parents/Guardians Policy


Complaints Policy


Copyright Policy – currently being updated


Cover for Absent Teachers Policy


Curriculum Policy


Cyber-bullying Policy


Data Protection Policy


Disability Policy


Display Policy – currently being updated


English as an Additional Language Policy


Equal Opportunities Policy


E-Safety Policy


E-Safety Supporting documents


Extremist Behaviour and Radicalisation Policy


Female Genital Mutilation Policy and procedural information


FGM Policy


Fire Emergency Plan


Fire Risk Assessment


First Aid Policy – currently being updated


Forced Marriage Policy


GCSE Exams – Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments Process


GCSE Exams - Controlled Assessment Policy


GCSE Exams – Exam Policy


GCSE Exams – Exams Disability Policy


GCSE Exams – Enquiries About Results and Access to Scripts Policy


GCSE Exams – Emergency Evacuation Policy


GCSE Exams - Internal Appeals Policy 


GCSE Exams – Joint Contingency Plan


GCSE Exams – Late Arrival Policy


GCSE Exams – Procedure to check the identity of all candidates


Health and Safety Policy– currently being updated


Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits


Homework Policy


Homophobic Bullying Policy


Intimate Care Policy


Links with the Local Community Policy


Looked after child policy


Managing Medicines Policy– currently being updated


Mini-bus Safety Policy– currently being updated


Organisation of Educational Visits


Physical Restraint Policy


Primary Department Policies


Child Protection Procedures and Safeguarding Policy – currently being updated


Safeguarding Risk Assessment


Safer Recruitment in Education


Smoking Policy


Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability Policy


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education Policy


Staff Appraisal Policy– currently being updated


Staff Recruitment Policy


Sun Protection Policy


Visitors Policy


Whistleblowing Policy


Parent/Pupil Handbook


Staff Handbook